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La Cédrière Barbe cultivates their cedars on a privately held land belonging to their family heritage for over 50 years. They have been growing white cedar since 1991, also known as eastern white cedar. Several other varieties of cultivars have been added to the land, including ‘Emerald’, ‘Brandon’, ‘Holmstrup’, ‘Fastigiata Compacta’, ‘Nigra’ (also known as black cedar), ‘Yellow Ribbon’, ‘Sunkist’, ‘Little Giant’ and ‘Degroot’s spire’.

A careful selection of cedar cuttings allows us to produce beautiful cedar specimens with healthy foliage, and adapted to Quebec’s climate.

We can provide you with cedars of 3 to 8 feet high, depending on your needs. In order to facilitate cedar handling and to protect the environment, our cedars are mainly sold within robust pots, with handles that are carefully recycled. Balled and burlapped cedars are also available on demand.

La Cédrière Barbe is easily accessible via highways 13 and 440. We warmly invite you to visit us and witness the result of many years of hard work and constant progress.


From our farm to your home, without a headache

The cedars that have been specially uprooted for you with the help of specialized machinery, will be delivered in closed trailers in a quick, efficient, and professional manner. We can assure you that the quality of the cedar you will receive does not compare to popular superstore. Indeed, our cedars have strong and intact roots, and healthy foliage.

Carried out by a team of conscientious professionals, we can guarantee that you will be delivered high quality cedar trees, with impeccable roots and healthy foliage. If not, do not hesitate to email us a photo within the next 24 hours post-delivery, and we will replace them for free.


Tailored to your needs by our specialists

La Cédrière Barbe offers a turnkey planting service including your chosen cedar trees, the excavation of the trench, as well as necessary soil and fertilizers for planting. Depending on your soil type and drainage quality your land possesses, we will apply cedar mulch of your choice (natural or colored), or forestry compost. Along with your cedar plantation, we also provide you with a high quality perforated hose, which can be connected to your regular garden hose, or irrigation system. After completion, your land will be restored to its original state.

With our re-growth guarantee, choosing our planting service is also opting for peace of mind.

Our team is professionally equipped in order to excavate a suitable trench without damaging the land in place.

We also have the machinery required for larger projects. We mostly serve the Island of Montreal, the North Shore and the Laurentians.

Be assured that we make everything in our power to execute the work when required. However, some periods are busier than others, hence why we recommend that you contact us soon enough to reserve your planting session.


Send us your quote. It’s quick and easy!

With our online quote calculator, you will be able to estimate the quantity of cedars required depending on the area needing to be covered, and determine the type of installation you are looking for. Browse through our large selection of cultivated cedars, and evaluate the price of your order. Remember to visit our “online store” for cedars’ health essentials.